What's Gold Karat Rating?

21st Mar 2019

A karat, when used with gold, it defines the purity of gold and other precious metals. There are usually five different weights that gold jewelry in the market, which are 9, 14, 18, 22, or 24 karats. Each rating is given depending on how much pure gold is in the piece of jewelry.

24 karat is the highest rating with 99.9% pure gold. Although it is pure gold, it’s actually too soft to be used in most jewelry. To increase the strength of the base metal, it usually mixed with other metals like copper or silver, which we call it gold alloy. As mentioned before, 24 karat gold is pure gold. Each karat indicates 1/24th of the whole. So if a piece of jewelry is made of metal that is 18 parts gold and 6 parts copper, that is 18 karat gold. It contains 18/24 which is 75% percent pure gold. And so on, 22 Karat is with 91.6% pure gold; 14 Karat means there is around 58.5% pure gold in the jewelry; and 9 Karat means that there is just 37.5% gold in the piece. While it is less valuable, 9 karat gold jewelry is actually more durable than higher karat pieces because of the higher presence of other metals. Whatever quality you choose, your gold jewelry should have a quality mark with the karat value on it.

We hope these tips help you take better care of your gold jewelry in the long run. If taken care of properly, your gold jewelry should be something you can pass down for generations to come, 

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